These are my options. None sound good.

I’m at 5 weeks. Right at the cutoff where I can take the abortion pill or not. On the 6th week it becomes less effective. The 7th week is a nonstarter, you have to go surgical.

1. The Miscarriage Pill (Medical Abortion): $ 375

  • I go to the doctor take one pill. Bleed and cramp. And expel whatever is up in the uterus.
  • Then two days later I go to the doc to see if my womb is zygote-free. It most likely won’t be so then I have to put a suppository in my cooch. More bleeding and cramping. The miscarriage will be complete 1 hour to 6 DAYS later.
  • Two weeks later the doc makes sure the pregnancy has been terminated. If it hasn’t then I have to do the surgical procedure.

2. Something Made of Steel In My Cooch and in my Womb, Morphine (Surgical Abortion)

Xanax and Tylenol Cocktail for pain: $ 425

"The Twilight" sedation (A term applied to the combination of analgesia and amnesia produced by a mixture of morphine and scopolamine): 525$

  • The doctor will sedate me then dillate my cervix (I still understand how that part works) then the doc will suction out the pregnancy.
  • I won’t see any of the tissue but I will hear the equipment operating. I will feel some cramping during the suctioning, this cramping may be mild or severe.

Morphine and Amnesia sounds nice.

Here’s a great side by side comparison of each method. Really helpful